Brusho Review & Demonstration.


Hi all!

Ill keep this post short and sweet as you can check out the full review and demo over on my Youtube channel.. Over the past few days I have had a chance to try out my Brusho Crystal Colours, and I loved it!

What is Brusho?

Colourcraft’s Brusho crystal colours is a very highly pigmented watercolour ink in a powder form. It comes in little 15g pots which doesn’t seem like a lot but believe me, a tiny bit of the Brusho powder goes a looooong way! I think there are about 34 colours in total. The colours are beautiful and vibrant (kind of like Derwent’s Inktense), and you can use them like a paint or by sprinkling it on the paper and spraying them with water to make some beautiful effects! I haven’t seen anything like this product before. You can really create some completely unique and amazing effects. If you like working with watercolour and ink I really recommend you try Brusho. I think it will be on my must have list of art supplies from now on!

I wont say too much on here because I have actually made my first ever voice over video showing you some techniques with this medium and demonstrating how I painted the strawberry above. I know it is definitely not the best drawing but I just wanted to do something simple to show you hot Brusho works! You can watch the video HERE .

So if you guys like what you see on my Youtube channel and want to see more from me in the future please like and subscribe to my channel!

I am going to start on a new coloured pencil piece over the next few days.. I’m not giving too much away but I am so excited to get started on it! You can check out works in progress and maybe catch me for some live streams over on my Instagram page .

If you have only questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! 

Thanks for reading! AG X.

(ps. Heres an Amazon link for Brusho products you can buy Click Here.)

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